LiNK art company

Art Rental & Sales Gallery since 2011

LiNK art company has quickly become one of the largest privately owned art collections in the Netherlands. In 2011 two investors rescued this beautiful art collection from a bankrupt gallery and once again made it available to the wider public.

The Power of Art

link6 (1)LiNK art company believes in the power of art – it’s ability to enhance, enrich, stimulate and inspire people. This philosophy is one that is clearly upheld and deeply entrenched throughout our entire organization. LiNK art company wants to offer businesses, organizations, and individuals the opportunity to surround themselves with beautiful artworks, be it through art rental and/or art sales. Our expert staff can assist you with a consultation to ensure that the artwork(s) that you select suit your space and style.

Art Webshop

Since October 2013 a large part of our art collection may be seen in our online art webshop LiNK Art Collection.